Our Team

Ivar Mendez
Director of the Virtual Care and Remote Presence Robotics

Scott Adams
Director of Research & Telerobotic and AI Diagnostic Services

Dr. Veronica McKinney
Director, Northern Medical Services

Dr. Tanya Holt
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Division Head Pediatric Critical Care and Pediatric Transport

Stacey Lovo
Assistant Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. James Purnell

Family Physician, Northern Medical Services; Assistant Professor, Department of Academic Family Medicine

Dr. Greg Hansen
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Pediatric Critical Care

Hamza Dani
Coordinator, Saskatchewan Virtual Care Strategy Project and Rural Virtual Care Program

Briana Bowes
Coordinator, Virtual Health Hub Program

Luis Bustamante
Robotics Engineer

Joey Deason
Virtual Care Operations Manager

Dr. Amal Khan
Physician,  Population Health Specialist and Officer

Martine Pringle
Tele-robotic Ultrasound Technologist

Trevor Percy
Project Manager

Cheryl Saunders
Tele-robotic Ultrasound Technologist

Brittany Olson
Remote Presence Nurse Clinician

Ahmad Rahman
Full Stack Software Developer

Dr. Brent Burbridge
Senior Tele-Diagnostic Imaging Services Specialist

Dray Bear
Community Development & Special Projects Coordinator, Whitecap Dakota First Nation