Current Clinical Services

Pediatric Acute Care

Pediatric acute care through remote presence robotics involves using advanced robotic technology to assess and prioritize the treatment needs of children in urgent care settings from a distance. This innovative approach allows healthcare professionals to remotely interact with and evaluate pediatric patients in real-time, ensuring immediate and accurate triage in critical care situations.

Remote Diagnostics – Remote Ultrasonography

Telerobotic ultrasonography is an advanced medical procedure that combines ultrasonography with robotics and telemedicine. In this approach, ultrasound scans are performed remotely using a robotic arm controlled by a specialist from a distant location. The specialist can manipulate the robotic arm to move the ultrasound probe, allowing them to conduct a thorough and precise examination as if they were physically present.

Remote Physiotherapy

Remote physiotherapy using remote presence enables the delivery of physiotherapy services from a distance, utilizing digital communication technologies. In this model, physiotherapists conduct assessments, provide guidance, and monitor exercises and rehabilitation programs for patients through semi-autonomous robotic systems.

Partnership With SIIT

Virtual Health Hub is led by the highly experienced Dr. Ivar Mendez and his team. Currently with 3.5 (FTE’s) providing remote health services, the Virtual Health Services team is set to expand to 22.0 FTE’s providing services on weekdays, evenings and weekends. Additionally, 5.0 specialist FTE’s will be available on a call-in basis, enabling the team to grow from supporting support the current capacity of 7 communities to the point the team can support up to 30 communities – a fourfold increase.

Training is being provided by the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, that focuses on the development and delivery of training for health care professionals and technicians working in virtual health care delivery in remote communities. The Training team will see classes of up to 12 students per intake, supported by staff of 5.0 instructors and training researchers.

Integrating northern community health service and the Virtual Health Hub’s activities, Northern Medical Services, led by Dr. Veronica McKinney, will advise and inform the process. NMS oversees practitioners working in health care on an in-community basis throughout Northern Saskatchewan, and so will provide valuable insights, based on NMS’s “on the ground” expertise, to the Virtual Health Hub operations and training.

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