Project Overview

Virtual Health Hub represents a significant step forward in advancing healthcare delivery in Saskatchewan.

Operating as a centralized command centre, Virtual Health Hub is designed to receive, virtually assess, and triage urgent and acute calls from remote sites across the province in real-time, effectively managing patient flow and enhancing the accessibility of healthcare services.

By integrating with the hospital census and air ambulance services, Virtual Health Hub will play a vital role in optimizing healthcare resource allocation and response times.

In addition to on-demand services, we will provide a comprehensive range of virtual care including remote diagnostic imaging, remote patient monitoring, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and remote mental health support.


Remote presence robotics can be beneficial anywhere in the province, however particular advantage can be seen with some of our most vulnerable populations, including children, residents in long term care facilities, and Indigenous communities.

Partnership With SIIT

The partnership with the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies is a cornerstone of  the Virtual Health Hub project, playing an important role in preparing healthcare workers for the evolving landscape of digital healthcare. This collaboration is particularly significant for several reasons:

  1. Specialized Training for Future Healthcare Models: Healthcare is rapidly evolving, with virtual care becoming increasingly central to service delivery. SIIT’s role in providing education and training programs is crucial in equipping healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate effectively in this new environment. By focusing on the specific competencies required for virtual healthcare, SIIT ensures that the workforce is not only prepared for the current demands but also adaptable to future technological advancements.

  2. Bridging the Skills Gap: The transition to a more technologically driven healthcare model creates a demand for a new skillset among healthcare professionals. SIIT’s training programs are designed to bridge this gap. By educating healthcare providers and support staff in the use of advanced virtual care technologies and robotic systems, SIIT ensures that the personnel operating the Virtual Health Hub are proficient and confident in utilizing these tools to deliver optimal patient care.

  3. Promoting Innovation and Excellence: The partnership with SIIT fosters an environment of innovation and excellence. As the Hub integrates cutting-edge technology in healthcare, the institute’s role in training and developing skilled professionals supports the continuous improvement and advancement of healthcare services.