Neurosurgeon and team bring virtual care strategy to Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation
Published January 26, 2023

Healthcare accessibility and equity for those in rural and remote locations has long been a priority of internationally renowned neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Ivar Mendez. Using robotic remote presence technology, he has spent over a decade exploring options for effective remote solutions that provide acute medical care to more vulnerable populations across the province.

COVID-19 necessitated the use of virtual care by those from all walks of life, and served as a spring-board for a collaboration between the Saskatchewan Health Authority, University of Saskatchewan and Ministry of Health, towards the creation of a virtual care strategy for Saskatchewan. Lead by Dr. Ivar Mendez, a team of 19 researchers, knowledge users, policy makers and individuals with lived experience came together to do just that. The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation is proud to announce Dr. Ivar Mendez as the recipient of an Excellence Award for his exceptional SHRF Solutions Grant application that received $150,000 to support this comprehensive research initiative.

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